Separation wasn’t working

They had separated 10 months earlier as life together had deteriorated to a point where both were very unhappy.  But now almost a year later the husband didn’t feel any happier.  In fact he strongly believed their marriage still had a chance.  He wanted to find out where they had gone wrong and whether they could reconnect.

During their first session it became clear that the wife was not of the same opinion.  She didn’t engage in the session, hardly talking and holding back from participating.

Over the next few sessions I saw them individually and it soon became clear why she had withdrawn and why she no longer wanted to be with her husband.  It was also clear why he had changed.

Neither was living true to themselves in their attempts to be what they believed the other wanted.

Over the next few weeks I worked with both of them guiding them to connect with their true identities.  I then brought them back together and now with their new found knowledge they discovered that they not only loved each other but they could reach out to each other at a deeper level than before.

This couple is now living the life they both want together.  Their children have both parents back and the family is benefiting from new knowledge on how to connect and how to use each other’s differences as a strength and a bond.

Although I am not an advocate of separation as a way of discovering if you care or not.  Sometimes it is actually a necessary trigger to discovery.

Rather than put yourselves through the agonies of separation, it is far better to take action before this stage is reached.  Like the couple here you might be very surprised at what you learn.