But are you restricting your chances of success?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to use language to help you succeed.  Today I want you take that one step further by asking you

“But are you restricting your chances of success?”

By the end of this post I hope you will have more insight into what I mean.

Time and time again I see clients in my sessions who are restricting their chances of success by the phrases they use and the patterns they feed themselves.

They may be about to give themselves a positive outcome, however, they then say “But”

‘But’ can be a very negative word or a very positive one – depending on when you use it.  Not only can this affect you but your partner as well.

If after every kind deed your partner does you say thank you and then adds on a But this will be heard by them as failure.

If after every decision to take positive action you then add on But, this will restrict your choice to move forwards, to grow, to change.


“They asked me to go to the cinema with them – but they probably had asked lots of other people before me”

“They asked me to the party – but they probably just feel sorry for me”

“I could really decide to work at this relationship – But what if nothing changes…”

“I could change and be nicer – but it’s probably not worth it as he won’t notice”

“I could go out and join in – but I still might not be happy”

“But……   but…..  but….”

So many chances to scupper yourself from achieving.  So many chances to restrict your chances of success.  So many opportunities not to take action but to give up and stay stuck. Stuck behaving the same way to your partner in a relationship that isn’t working.  Stuck in a job you don’t enjoy.  Stuck and apathetic or so low you don’t believe change will actual produce a new result.

So often people are scared of success!  They can convince themselves that success and happiness is not for them.  They must just ‘soldier on’ in their own particular way and hope for a new result.

Success can be yours

The only way to find out is to challenge your negative “Buts” and transform them into positive ones.

Guess what – if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always had.

So I will ask you again

“But are you restricting your chances of success?”

The challenge is yours to take action.

If you would like help to do this then please get in contact.