Our relationship is now the best it’s ever been

These two lovely young people came to me in March of this year, seeking help to resolve issues in their marriage and, for at least one of them, believing nothing could be done to save their relationship.

These are their words sent to me this week.

Linden helped us save our marriage and make our relationship the best it’s ever been.

If you are reading this testimonial, you are likely in a similar place that my wife and I found ourselves in, March 2019. You are probably looking for hope that you too can improve or save your relationship whilst fearful that “counselling” (which this isn’t really, it is coaching) won’t work. Well, I felt the same and although I wanted seeing Linden to work more than anything, I was still very scared that it wasn’t going to do anything. Happily, I can report that while I write this review in June 2019 that my wife and I are not only still together but our relationship is the best and most loving it has ever been.

Of course no relationship is the same and your reasons for being where you are will likely be different to ours. I felt that it was not only important to praise this fantastic, warm and caring woman who helped us LEARN (that really is the key) to be a better couple but share the very personal reason we were in the situation we were in. The reason is that this review is more about helping other couples (you) make a decision that I genuinely believe will be life changing (as it was for us) than it is helping Linden secure new clients, although I hope it does as I can’t express enough how amazing she is. If my review helps another couple save their relationship then that makes the time I spent typing this all the more worthwhile.

With two young children (1 and 3 at the time of this review), who are our world, we were both torn to pieces inside. My wife felt that we had reached the end of the road and I was desperate to avoid the collapse of our relationship, although, deep down I was fearful that she may have been right.

We would both describe our relationship from meeting to today as a whirlwind and we didn’t do anything by halves. Within 6 years we have had 2 sons, married, moved house and had countless issues between our two families (to keep it simple, they just didn’t get on). We did too much too fast and it all culminated in a physical fight at my in-laws anniversary party triggered because of the years of family issues, pressure (some of which we put on ourselves because of the aforementioned) and far too much alcohol.

So I found myself at my parents house the next day separated from my wife and my boys which was killing me inside. After a week of time out and lots of conversations, my wife agreed that she wanted to make our relationship work and we got back into the throws of life. The problem was, deep down my wife was not happy and was torn inside and eventually delivered the bomb shell that she wasn’t happy and she wasn’t sure I could make her happy anymore.

I was broken….I could not go to work the next day and whilst at my parents house I came across Linden’s website. I went home that afternoon and suggested we give it a try, my wife was skeptical but agreed to give it a try.

So came our first session, I was terrified! We arrived, and the venue was an old stately home and was a beautifully tranquil place. We met Linden and she walked us into a classically decorated room that felt very warm and comforting. Linden had a warm and caring aura about her. She started by talking us through what she was about and what she hoped to achieve with us.

At each session I could feel the warmth returning to our relationship and we did a session each alone. Some of the things Linden got me doing made me cringe but I did as I was told trusting that she knew what she was doing and it would help. After each session my wife and I debated and consolidated what we had learned and our relationship at home was getting more and more affectionate and we were communicating better than ever.

Linden will laugh when she reads this bit, but whilst we embarked upon this coaching I was reading a book called “The Chimp Paradox” written by Professor Steve Peters (I can’t recommend that book enough either) and many things I learned from Linden were also echoed in the book. Together the book and Linden have completely changed the way I think about things and how I respond to my wife. At the same time my wife has changed the way she interacts with me for the better.

At the end of our final session we said to Linden that we almost couldn’t put our fingers on exactly what we were doing differently, but our home felt like it was filled with love and warmth and we were happier than we had been for a long time and I would argue than we had ever been!

In summary, I can’t recommend enough giving Linden a try, as in my mind you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If it isn’t meant to be, then at least with Linden’s help that process will be as painless as it could possibly be.

But if it works, like it did for us, there isn’t a price I could put on the happiness that Linden has helped us achieve.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

John & Zara*

PS: I am more than happy to provide a personal reference directly to anyone who wants it to prove the validity of this testimonial.

If, like them, your relationship is suffering then investing a few weeks in relationship coaching could give you results you’ve never believed possible.

* Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality