Online Coaching

My online coaching sessions are available to those couples who are unable to attend face-to-face coaching sessions.

Online sessions are conducted on Zoom

If you are concerned about attending your first session together then I recommend you book two individual, one-hour sessions.  This allows you to discuss your issues without your partner sitting right next to you.

In some instances, the couple is not actually, geographically in the same location.  Zoom allows for us to work together on a 3-way link.

The sessions will be video linked so we can all see each other.  I recommend you have a pad and pen available to take notes or write down the information I give you.

You do not have to have a PC though this is recommended as the screen is larger.  However many of my clients attend using their mobile phone.

Online sessions are for a shorter duration as the need to concentrate on the screen is more tiring.  However, you will still be coached at the same level as a face-to-face coaching session.

Many clients have been coached this way and have achieved their goals without ever attending a face-to-face session.

For more information please visit my Appointments and Fees page.