One Session is all it took

One session is all it took to turn a couple around from being on the verge of splitting up for good to creating an exciting future together.

This young couple had come to me because both were fed up with the constant repetitive arguments which went nowhere.  Neither understood why.

At the end of their two-hour session they had learnt where each of them was going wrong and why they had ended up stuck.

They learnt how and why men and women communicate differently.   They learnt how to understand each other at a deeper level and how to repair their relationship. How to grow together.

I have recently heard from them.

To quote them: ” I cannot thank you enough for your input. Things are now dramatically better but we will not hesitate to get in touch should any further difficulties arise”.

This couple now have the foundations and skills to work together rather than tear each other apart.

If they can do it – so can you.

One Session is all it took

It may well take longer for you.  It’s not a race!

Couples who are committed to wanting their relationship to work and who see me for approximately 12 sessions get the answers and skills they need to resolve their issues together and rekindle their relationship with new goals and a deeper connection.