New Year – New Opportunities

New Year’s Resolutions are dominating the press right now so my post today is on this subject.

Most of us view the New Year as an opportunity to take action in an area of our lives which we believe needs improvement or would like to change.  To lose weight, get fitter, gain weight, give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, improve our relationship with our partner…  The list is endless and depends on you and your desires.

The problem is that unless we replace the habit or behaviour we want to change, with a new more empowering one then the diet, fitness regime or ‘giving up something’ becomes short-lived.  We all know people who have lost weight only to put it back on a few months later; the smokers who quit for a few weeks only to start again; those who join a gym but only go for the first month…

So how do you change a behaviour of a ‘lifetime’ with a new behaviour which will empower you for the rest of your life and make the changes you want easier to stick to.

Letting go a pattern of behaviour can be difficult – even if it has caused you pain, it has a certain level of certainty and – in many cases – has defined your identity.  You are you.  Finding out and understanding why you are doing what you do is the first step and one that is a building block to the next steps in transforming yourself into who you want to be.  From this place of safety the next steps are more inviting as you create new ways of doing things that work for you and so become in charge of you.

  • The diet no longer controls you
  • The cigarettes no longer demand attention
  • Your relationship is no longer about its problems but about how you can add value and turn it around

If you would like to learn more on how to make the changes you want in your life to become permanent rather than short-lived then get in contact.

Finally ask yourself:

When would NOW be a good time to start