What men want…….

What men want is often not only what many women think they want!

It’s not all about sex and intimacy!  Yes, of course, that’s very important and it’s a known fact that men think of sex far more often than women, but a man’s needs go beyond this.

First and foremost

A man needs to know when he is successful with you and when he makes you happy. If he feels he can’t so this then he will feel a failure.   So let him know when he’s done something well.  It’s very easy to ignore the good actions and only point out the failures – nagging rarely, if ever, works.   He needs to know when he’s made you happy and succeeded with you.

He needs to know he is loved

That he is enough for you.  If you don’t let him know this he will shut down and withdraw.  He’ll devote his time to his job and his hobbies where he is acknowledged and knows he can be successful.

He is designed to fix problems

Yes ladies that’s how his mind works.  He wants to get rid of problems fast so he needs to know that you want him to fix your problems.

 He is not a Hairy Woman!

So ladies there has to be a point to a discussion if you want to chat for hours!

He’s Human Too

So there will be times when he needs to be looked after and cosseted- when he’s ill or stressed.  He also needs to feel your support, that he is your hero that you trust him to be there for you, that you respect him that he is important to you and special.  He may and will have different views on life but he needs to know he has your respect.  He must be free to be himself.

And finally…..

Yes he needs Sex

So plan some sex.  Take him by surprise and book a romantic evening together.  It’s not always down to him to initiate sex.  You could be amazed if you take the initiative……