Men have needs too

In this day and age of equality it’s become all too easy for women to decide we have to be good at everything. We don’t need help – we can do it all ourselves.

We can manage thank you very much!  We can open doors, carry our parcels, cope with a shopping trolley, 3 children (all screaming) and no we don’t need help!

Quite right we can but why would we want to?

When a man offers to help, it’s just that – he wants to help.  Why?  It makes him feel good, manly and of service.

That what he’s been designed to do.  His mission is to protect, to cherish, to love and to be of service.  It’s a built-in desire.  He can’t avoid it.

So when we spurn all help and then moan that he hasn’t done the washing up or tidied up – whatever.  All he will end up feeling is emasculated.

Ladies one of the strongest sides of our character is our femininity.  It is easy to lose sight of that and allow our masculine side to take over.

So my suggestion today is ask for help – and by this I mean ask, don’t demand or control.  Then watch your man blossom!

Your man may be feeling emasculated.  If he is he could easily look elsewhere.  Somewhere or with someone who knows how to make him feel special.  Who knows how to make him feel successful.

Being successful with the woman he loves is more important to a man than sex.

He needs to know he can be successful with you.

Do you know how he needs to feel successful with you?

No team is ever made up of members where each person has the same skills and does the same job.  In today’s world so many women seem to believe they should be running their relationship and be responsible for all aspects of it.  Taken to the extreme men can feel redundant.  Not a good place for your man to end up.

If your marriage or relationship is suffering and you want to find out why then now is the time to take action – whilst there is still time to save it.  The window of opportunity to do this may be rather small and taking a fingers crossed approach rarely works.