Do you have a memory you keep revisiting?

A story or memory which you repeat to yourself over and over again to explain why life is the way it is?

Any memory you revisit or retell yourself becomes more and more powerful

This will influence your future decisions and life experiences

Ask yourself –

  • Is this something I want to influence my future?
  • Is this something affecting  my relationship?
  • Is this something affecting my behaviour and my decisions?

Is it something you want to live with for the rest of your life?

Are you using this memory as a positive influence in your life?

or is it hindering growth in the life you are searching for?

Each person’s story is different – the common factor is the effect your story is having on your life.

If your core story is having a negative influence in your life and you would like to discover how to change it so it serves you rather than hinders you then do get in touch.