What makes you extraordinary?

We all have gifts, abilities and strengths –  there will be some thing you are brilliant at which leaves those around you in awe – but to you comes as 2nd nature!

It’s easy to see it in others isn’t it!  The brilliant business man, the wonderful singer, the amazing actor…..   and it’s also very easy to wish to be like them!   But the only difference between them and you is they found their passion and skill and threw themselves into it. But believe it or not they won’t be good at everything!   The amazing business man probably can’t play the piano like Rubenstein, the brilliant actor probably needs an accountant to sort out his finances……

What all these high achievers have done is concentrate on their extraordinary gift and strengths and use them to their advantage and use other people’s strengths to back them up.

So it is in Relationships!

You don’t both need to be good at everything!  You are each unique.  You each bring unique strengths and qualities to your relationship.

It’s so easy to find yourselves picking on each other’s perceived weaknesses rather than appreciating each other’s strengths.  Or, alternatively, ending up in a mini power struggle attempting to prove you are better than the other!

Neither of these actions are very conducive to a happy, loving team.   A relationship is a team!!  It’s the home team. The team which you created and should be designed to win against all odds and outside intrusions.  The team that’s solid and knows where it’s strengths lie and how to fill the gaps where needed.

All teams need to understand the members of the team.  In your case – each other!   To work effectively together you not only need to know each other’s strengths but your values and needs.  If you know what the other team member needs to make him/her happy then you can make sure you provide it.  If you learn what your other team member values and why  then you can help supply it!

So finding out what makes each of you extraordinary – so you can be more of you than you have been up to now  – will allow your team to grow, develop and achieve and be incredibly successful!

You will also be able to pass on these skills to your children who will have a wonderful model on which to base their futures.

Most teams benefit from some coaching at some point to hone their skills.   If you feel yours is in need of some help then do get in touch.