Make every day of the year Valentine’s Day

Now there’s a thought!

I know, the men reading this are thinking – No Way!  I can’t afford the flowers and special treats!

But that’s not what I’m proposing.

By making your partner the most important person in your life and your relationship the most important aspect of your life every day of the year then every day becomes important and special.  And in its own way that’s what Valentine’s day is all about.  It’s that day when our relationship is pushed into sharp focus. It’s the day when we focus on the most important aspect of our lives. The part that connects our hearts.

We all want a loving, passionate relationship.  We all want to feel that wonderful feeling that makes us feel special and connected to another human being. We all want to light up.

If right now this doesn’t feel part of your marriage or relationship.  Maybe you feel you’ve tried everything and failed.  It doesn’t mean you’re a failure – it does mean you haven’t discovered the route to success in relation to the person you’re with.

Finding out each other’s route to success is key.  Success can only be achieved if you understand the rules of success as they are needed by your partner – NOT BY YOU.

It’s your job to meet your partner’s rules for success and it’s their job to meet yours. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

So how do you find out?

Maybe you’ve asked and got no reply!  Maybe they can’t answer because they haven’t found out what they are.

Many couples end up in this lost and confused place because they’ve never spent time finding out what they actually need and want from their partner.

If this is you I urge you to take action now and find out how to home in on success and achieve what will give you your Valentine’s Day every day of the year.

If you would like to know more then please telephone or email me.

Your successful and passionate future could be just around the corner.