When love is not enough…..

I have recently had the privilege and pleasure to work with a client coming through the issues of a failed on/off relationship.

Sometimes two people are not meant for each other.  This was the case for them.  The reason he found success in his coaching experience so quickly was down to his determination to learn and his curiosity about himself.  By freeing his mind to new ideas he was able to update his belief system and free himself for a new exciting future.

Today I received this email from him:

 Linden has been a cracking Coach to work with.

We met just 6 weeks ago and in such a short period of time Linden has made a significant difference to my life. I had become stuck in an on off relationship for many many years; totally in love but love itself was not enough to hold us together. Linden helped me work through the reasons why love is sometimes not enough and that if you don’t have shared values and beliefs with your partner life can become a struggle.

With my newly learnt understanding I now feel ready to move on and am happy within myself. Linden has helped me much more than this; she has also woken up my other passions within life and I will continue to visit her occasionally to explore new ideas and opportunities for some time to come.

If you’re not sure or, like me, have spent time researching and reading books and articles trying desperately to understand, do something different and invest in yourself by meeting up with Linden; she is calm, friendly, totally trustworthy and can really make a difference to your life.

Thank you Linden. – John D