Learn how to tell your partner what you need

Time and again I hear from one or both people in a relationship crisis that they’ve done all the giving and their partner has only taken.  I am told they’ve tried everything and now they’re fed up with being taken for granted.  They feel unappreciated, unloved and misunderstood.  The trust has gone and now the relationship is dying – fast.

Arguments flare in a series of seemingly inconsequential, incidents.  You both become angry and defensive and confused by the emotional responses of the other.

Both of you can now go into ‘protection mode’.  A place where you protect yourselves from further hurt.

If practised over time you lose love

The classic “I love you but I’m not IN love with you” feeling.  The reason is you cannot protect yourself from hurt and feel and give true love at the same time.

My question to you today is “Does your partner understand the way you operate?”

Does he or she know how you take in information and interpret it?  By the way:

Do you actually know how you operate?

Do you know how happiness is created for you?  If you don’t know then how can they?

You need to trust yourself enough to communicate your needs to your partner. But if you don’t know what these needs truly are then your partner can’t be there for you in the way you want.

If you give your message with love, in a loving way, then you can tell your partner anything.  If you can’t then you need to learn how.

The first step is to discover what your needs are how they need to be met for you.  With this information, you will build trust in yourself to be able to tell your partner in the right way for them to hear you, and importantly, in the way you also need to be heard.

So my message to you today is find out now – before it’s too late.