Do you know how to repair your relationship

Knowing what to do to repair your relationship  is a key skill for a long-lasting, loving and successful future.  One which grows from those moments when one or both of you feels misunderstood, not respected or unloved.

So many couples I see come to me with a belief that a relationship which started so passionately should either remain so with little or no effort.  Or – and this is almost worse – that passion dies over time and ‘that’s life’.

But part of them knows life doesn’t have to be that way.  Hence they seek help. They want to learn how to make it better.

Frequently one partner feels this more strongly than the other.  One of you may have shut down emotionally. Sometimes this has happened recently but often this has been building over months or even years.  This person will now feel emotionally dead. Safe but dead.  Safe from hurt.  Secure and safe but not much more.  But how safe are you?

Know that if you are hurting your partner will be hurting too.  Know that if you have shut down emotionally then your partner will be feeling pushed out, not worthy and lost.

Couples who succeed in turning their relationship around learn to open up to new possibilities. New ways of approaching conflict. New ways of communicating with each other in a way that meets their partner needs.  They learn how their partner works at a deeper level.  Once they understand this new level of communication they can reach and help each other.

All problems have happened for a reason.  Understanding how to build and benefit from them is where you will find a new depth to your relationship.

Do YOU know how to repair your relationship?

Do you know how to make both of you happy?

Do you know how to grow from conflict?

If not

Do you want to learn?

I work with couples who are keen and passionate to resolve the issues they find unable to solve. Who want to build a future together even if right now that almost seems impossible.  I take them stage by stage through what needs to happen for them.  To free them from their particular issues to where they can become open with each other and grow together as a team.  One where both of you win.