Is your relationship suffering from role reversal?

If this is the case then your marriage/relationship could well be suffering.

Generally speaking a man’s primary desire is to protect, care and cherish his woman.  Most women will need this to enable them to be the woman they’re designed to be, to feel safe and secure and so allow them to be feminine.

However, if this is not happening then the woman’s masculine side will start to take over.  She can become very ‘controlling’ in order to protect herself.  In most cases she won’t be totally comfortable doing so but she will still fight ‘tooth-and-nail’ to hang on to doing so.  Why?  To provide herself with the security and protection she needs.

At this point the intimacy can easily start to die in the relationship.  She may well start viewing her partner as a child – and if that’s how she sees him then intimacy will feel wrong.

Understanding how the primary needs of both men and women need to be met is a fundamental building block of a successful relationship.  Learning how to do this is one of the first steps to creating that.