If you are in a bad place ask yourself the following

Which emotion is running you?

Today I want to give you some pointers which could well be affecting your relationship.

You see when we feel we aren’t getting what we want from our relationship, and by this, I mean a relationship which has been successful in the past, then our emotions can run riot and confuse us.  A feeling of loss and not knowing what to do can leave us feeling stuck or numb.

Negative, unhelpful, emotions can take over and ‘rule’ your actions.




  • that the future is going the be the same as today – or worse.
  • that the relationship is wrong and so to leave it is the only option.
  • that leaving is the wrong thing to do too.  What if you leave the relationship only to find that the next relationship fails in almost the same way.

All of this can feel very scary.  It takes a person away from who they really are.  It pushes them into a place where they start to behave contrary to their values and beliefs.



  • I’m not enough and so should not be heard or loved
  • Whatever I do will be wrong
  • It’s all my fault

There are many more negative emotions which can keep people stuck, defensive and withdrawn to a place where the person is protecting themselves from the world around them.  If this includes your partner – and your partner is doing it too – then the relationship is in a very precarious place.

So how about Courage?

JumpWell, courage can feel scary too.

However, Courage can motivate a person to find out what is really wrong in the relationship. It can motivate a person to take action to learn about their partner and understand how they ‘tick’.  Courage can motivate a person to get help to improve their emotional state and their relationship.

So when I talk about Fear, Failure and Courage I’m asking you to consider these options and decide for yourself which state you’re living in.  Fear can be emotionally exhausting as frequently it doesn’t lead to action.   Failure leaves you stuck without hope.

Motivate yourself to have the courage to change your emotions and the stories in your mind and you have the opportunity to discover what could be rather than what you believe actually is.

If you feed your mind the desire to find out and to take action then the courage to do so is also there.  With that, the fear of inaction will recede.

Relationships so often fail for the wrong reasons. Don’t let that happen to yours.  Sometimes courage is all it takes not only to put it back on track but elevate it to something even better.

I see so many couples who have become lost in their relationship through misinterpreting each other’s actions and from fear of not being enough for each other.  Learning and understanding what is really happening within your relationship and why, may take courage but courage gives them enlightenment and knowledge. Courage gives these couples the answers they’ve been looking for.

Let it be courage which runs you rather than fear.

If you would like to know more then please get in contact.

Great Future