How is Your Marriage? Does It need an “MOT”

How is your Marriage?

We all know that it is a good idea to have our health checked every couple of years or so.  We also care for our teeth and our eyesight with regular checks, even our cars are required, by law, to be given an annual test (MOT) after they are three years old, but do we ever do anything about our relationship.  The closest and most important aspect of our lives.  Have you ever thought it might be a great idea to give yourself a Marriage and Relationship Health Check?

Life has a way of encroaching on our romantic bond.  Maybe you’ve slipped into some habits that aren’t benefiting your marriage or your partner.

Keeping the passion alive is key to having a long-lasting relationship. Reminding yourselves of why you are together.

Couples that succeed long-term have worked out – or found out – how to give to each other in the way that meets each of their needs.  Some people are lucky and discover this for themselves, but so many don’t and so accept that passion dies over time, that life isn’t as exciting as it used to be and so, all too frequently,  end up as friends rather than lovers.

If you want more from your relationship then finding out how to keep those deeper emotions is key.

Marriage and Relationship Health Checkcouplejogging

In a specially designed two-hour session for you Linden will guide you through the strategies you should have to enable you both to understand each other at a deeper level and keep that close bond alive:

Together you can remind yourselves:

  • How to communicate  effectively
  • How to meet your core needs and those of your partner
  • How to understand what to do in times of conflict
  • Revisit the tools you need to help each other in times of stress

So why not treat yourself to a Marriage and Relationship  Health Check in the lovely surroundings of St. Katharine’s.  You can visit for your session – maybe stay at one of the local hotels –  and give yourself a special time totally devoted to you both.

These sessions are currently available from Mid-July to Mid-September