How can I experience more love?

“How can I experience more love with my partner in this moment of conflict”?

This is not a question many of the couples I see ever ask themselves.  They go into a place of pain and hurt and in many cases do the opposite.

Rather than find out and, maybe, let go of the pain they are experiencing, they go to a place where they behave badly.  They seek revenge.  Maybe they retaliate.  They withdraw.  They lay down the law according to their perception of the situation of how they’re feeling or what they want.

If you want to experience more love then give love

How do you do that?

First and foremost you show up for yourself.  Rather than being the cause, you work at becoming the support.  To understand them and any pain they are feeling in the moment.

You query your own perception of the problem and ask yourself “Could I be missing something right now”?

Rather than assume you understand ask yourself “What else could they be trying to tell me”?  “What do they need right now from me which will help them”?

Skills to a successful relationship

Successful relationships rarely just happen.  It takes commitment to learn to understand your partner at a very deep level.  To learn how to deal with the ups and downs and moments of disagreement or conflict.

If you believe in love then the skill is in learning how to give love even when you don’t want to.

If you don’t know how then find a coach

Many of the most successful people today have a coach.  Coaching in many fields of sport, business, medicine is now accepted as part of a requirement to achieve success.  Companies invest substantial amounts of money coaching their staff to achieve their potential.   Individuals in fields of sport travel with an entourage of coaches to help them win!

However, when it comes to relationships people shy away from getting a coach.  Why?  When actually our relationship is one of the most important aspects of our lives.  The part which connects us at a deep emotional level.

Coaching clearly works for those who want to achieve their best in their chosen field.  It also works for your relationship.