Free yourself to become the best version of you

If you are unable to be the best version of you in your relationship then your relationship will suffer.

Finding out what matters to you is vital if your relationship is failing.  So often couples create behaviours which are counter to what they believe. They then use these behaviours to fix their problems only to find they get worse.

This is not a surprise.  Unless you understand how to be you and what it takes to be the best version of you then how will you get the best from your partner and then the best from your relationship.

What you focus on and the way you are will reflect in your relationship. It can’t do anything else. So if you spend your time blaming your partner and behaving in ways that attempt to control then your partner will feel blamed and controlled.  This won’t bring out the best in them.

You need to know how to create the best version of you

What do I mean by the best version of you.  It’s important to find out, if you don’t already know, what you value and how you need those values to be met.  For instance if you believe in love then withholding love is not meeting your value for love. By withholding love you have now closed down and created a version of you which is not your best and not truly you.  It is not meeting your need for love.  If you believe in love then you also have to give love.  Even when it hurts.

If you believe in listening to learn and you never do this then again you are cheating yourself.  Cheating yourself will not create the best version of you to take on the challenges all relationships have.

You will know when you are not living the best version of you.  You will feel wrong.  You will not be enjoying being the person you have become. You will feel something is missing in your life.

Be the best version of you to get the best from your relationship

We are each and every one of us responsible for our emotions and behaviours.  How we are in our relationships is down to us and only us.  So being the best version of you is down to you.

Learning how to create your own best version of you can be difficult on your own.  It is far too easy to justify our behaviours without finding out why we do what we do!  A compassionate understanding can make all the difference.

If you would like to learn how to do this in an environment which is non-judgemental, then please get in contact.

We all want a great future in life but learning how to achieve it can be difficult is we are not using the best we have to offer.