Focus on what you want not on what you had

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I am now going to expand on this

To enable  you to concentrate your focus on what you want.  You have to know what you want.  So set this as your goal.

There are, however, Good Goals and not-so-good goals.

A Good Goal:

A good goal focuses on the future. It puts you in charge of you and the entire process. It should make you buzz! It should and must give you happiness. After all ultimately that’s what we all want I imagine.

It could also include a sense of achievement! Overcoming the odds. Proving something to yourself. So a good goal has to be one where the only other people who have any input into it are those who have to supply a resource to help YOU achieve YOUR GOAL

A not-so-good Goal

A goal which relies on someone else providing the answers, support, emotional accolades etc.

Yes the goal may be achieved but you’ve lost ownership of it and  it won’t give you the same sense of achievement when you succeed!

So a good goal is one that makes you feel beautiful inside, happy and content and excited with who you are. Something that gives you faith in yourself. It can be scary – but that’s no bad thing. The emotional solution has to come from within. And if that seems impossible right now then perhaps that’s the goal you need – right now: To find the you inside. Not a bad starting point.

If your goal to happiness is reliant on another human being supplying you with emotional support, gratification or needs then the goal could well fail because you are reliant on the other person not failing you. Anyway the goal ceases to be yours. It becomes theirs – and why should they be responsible for your goal,  they’ve got theirs to be achieved so don’t really need the burden of achieving yours too!