Do you know how to fight for your relationship

Many couples fight. Couples can fight over a long period of time.  Months to years.  They fight but they don’t resolve.  It hurts and is very painful. Many do not know how to fight for their relationship because the pain of where they are is so great it doesn’t seem possible to do.

The arguments go round and round in circles and finally some couples get so fed up they take action.  Either they decide to leave the relationship or they get help.

If you have built up a mass of resentments against your partner you won’t be seeing much of the good. Now you want to stop the fights and it might appear the best way to do that is leave.  But what if the fights are because you are not fighting for your relationship.  You are fighting against it.

What do I mean by this.

Well if we make right being more important than giving love, we will fight to be right rather than fight to give love.

Your view of right may not be how your partner sees it.  He or she is equally scared so hangs on to their point of view.  Both of you want to be heard and loved but you don’t know how to get through.

Fight for your relationship

We fight when we are scared.  Scared we will lose the connection we had. It is easy to blame and claim the moral high-ground but is that a giving way to behave?

If you believe in love then you need to love in a loving way. It helps to learn how you can fight for your relationship rather than against it.

I see many couples who do not know how to do this.  With me they learn the steps to take that make a massive difference and bring back the connection they had in the past.

My advice to anyone reading this post who feels a connection with it is to take action now, before it is too late, and learn how to fight for your relationship.