How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on you and the complexity of the issue.  Typically I expect to see significant changes fast.

You won’t be asked to commit to a specific number of sessions.  If one session solves your problem then that’s fantastic! You will not be required to pay for more than you need.

I am not in the business of dragging out the process.

I am committed to helping you at the speed which suits you.  All I ask is you commit too.

What can I expect from my sessions?

In your initial session we will discuss the issues you have.  I will then start to give you some initial strategies.

You will be encouraged to ask questions.

Your sessions will be designed for you.  Every client is different so every session is different.  Your sessions will be tailored to suit you.

Sessions are paced at the speed which works for you.

What’s different about what you do?

I know my clients want solutions to their issues now. However they also need to learn strategies they can use in the future so they don’t revert back to feeling the way they do today.

I don’t spend more time than is absolutely necessary revisiting past events.  I work with you to build the future which is right for you.

By becoming involved and participating in the solution, then the solution will be lasting.

By learning new strategies you have more choices on how to deal with future events.

You will be given tools and ‘homework’ to use away from the sessions to enable you to practice what you’ve learnt between sessions.

Do you offer any backup between sessions?

Yes I do. I’m available between sessions via email and telephone to assist and advise when necessary. This is all part of the service I provide within my session fees.

Can one partner attend on their own?

I frequently see one partner on their own.  This is especially valuable if the other partner is feeling reluctant to attend.  Many of the challenges facing couples can be solved through one partner attending.

Are your coaching fees covered by any Insurances?

My fees are not covered by any Insurances