Every Couple Eventually Loses the Romance

Today I would like you to consider the title of this post:

“Every Couple Eventually Loses the Romance”

This is a rather depressing outlook on life but one that so many believe.  So much so that couples can, without realising it,  work towards this becoming a reality.

If those words became part of the marriage vows I wonder what our reactions would be.

“Not us!” many would say.

Yet because the seed has been planted in so many brains by television, our parents, friends and colleagues, the media in general,  it is very easy to allow this rather depressing outlook to become true.  So how do we allow the most important part of our lives – our relationship – to wither into companionship, best friends, or worse.

The answer is so many believe that good relationships ‘just happen’.  Because you fell in love you should stay ‘in love’.  This is NOT the case.

But if over time you start to believe the title of this post you are unlikely to take much action to stop this happening.  Also when you find your relationship has become a shadow of what it was in the beginning it is now very easy to justify this as inevitable.  You are in fact denying yourself and the person you love, or loved, the chance of something much greater.  Denial can prevent you from making any positive change.  Denial can be destructive – especially to a relationship. Denial can leave you feeling numb and apathetic about your relationship.

Denial can also lead to blame.  Blaming your partner, rather than yourself.  Blame isn’t helpful as you are now denying you had any part in your relationship. Remember if you had a part in its creation you also have an equal part in its failure.  The two go together.

This is a tough thing to accept but is the first step to turning your relationship around.  To proving the statement “Every Couple Eventually Loses the Romance” not to be true in your case.

If you would like to learn more on how to re-ignite the romance of your relationship then please get in contact.