Don’t let a relationship breakup destroy your life

Some  breakups are mutual agreed.  Both of you want out as the saying goes. But more frequently this is not the case. One wants to go and the other doesn’t.

If the relationship breakup is sudden then the one taken by surprise can go into emotional breakdown.  That feeling that something has struck you down – you feel wounded but there are no signs of physical damage.

Your feelings ricochet from hating them, wanting them back, still loving them, not understanding why this has happened, feeling a strong sense of ‘living in the wrong movie’ and an all encompassing feeling of hopelessness and of being torn into small pieces.

Some people will go through these emotions and come out the other side fairly swiftly. Some won’t.  Everyone is different.  Some will get stuck in a circle of confusion, hurt and anger.  They create solutions in their heads where everything comes out how they want it to regardless of the evidence in front of them, in their need to sort out their feelings and emotions.

Friends around them can feel helpless on what to do to the extent that eventually the person suffering finally shuts up about how they feel as they’re fed up hearing the “Let Go”, “Move On”, “Plenty of other fish in the sea” remarks, usually made by those who either have never suffered a breakup or who are comfortably in a safe relationship.

Dealing with emotions and the outfall of a breakup is exhausting and going over and over the past and old ground can leave the person stuck and stuck sometimes for years.

Making sense of it all seems impossible.  The future looks bleak and lonely.  Life suddenly isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

I help people in this place understand how to deal with these emotions and progress from being stuck to giving themselves a new future. A future which is the right one for them and one which creates what they want.

I know it sounds impossible!  But it isn’t.  It’s all about learning the tools to give you a new life.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to know more then please get in touch.  We can work together to find a new path and direction for you.

There is a great life after breakup – I promise you.

Relationship Breakdown