Does your belief in how life should be equal how life actually is?

We all have beliefs on how each part of our life should be.  Career, family, lifestyle, fitness, how we look, relationship, finances………..

Most of us will have created these beliefs or blueprints as we grew up. We created a vision, a map of the world, of how we wanted and desired our world to be in various areas. We then worked and strived to achieve the life according to the blueprint we had set in our mind.

But life doesn’t always deliver does it!  Something can happen in an area which then takes over your entire life and you end up feeling life isn’t the way it should be.  You can feel powerless to change it.

But before we go down that route I’d like you to think of an area of your life which is really working for you right now and then write down why it is so good.  All the reasons.  So maybe your relationship with your partner is great. So write down why it’s so great – all the things you love about it.  All the things that make you happy about it. All the things that make it so successful.  It doesn’t have to be 100% successful or beautiful, that’s not important, what matters is that it meets what you are happy with.

You can do this for as many areas of your life as you like. The important thing is to really focus on them and write down everything you can. Writing it down is important.

In fact the reason you’re happy with this area of your life is that the reality is matching your belief, the vision you created for how life should be.

Now is there an area of your life which isn’t so good?  If so write down why that’s the case.  Also write down how you want it to be or how you believe it should be.  What’s stopping it being the way it ‘should be’.  How close is it to what your vision of how this area should be.  Was it close before now?  Is this a new situation you’re in?  If so what happened to cause this.

The reason you are unhappy with this area of your life is that it doesn’t match the vision you created for this aspect of your life

So now ask yourself is the belief for this area of your life still valid?  Does the blueprint need redrawing in light of current events.  How could you modify your vision.  This can be difficult to accomplish on your own as you may not know how to modify the vision without feeling like you’re compromising it.  Other factors can be playing a part in you not achieving what you want.

Maybe you just don’t know.  If you’re feeling helpless for no good reason then the chances are you have a life condition which isn’t being met, and in fact may be impossible to meet right away in the manner you want it.  Sorting out what the issues are and creating a belief that you can reach is key to personal happiness.  Sometimes all we need is a helping hand to set us on the right path.