Do you have a good relationship with you?

Is this how I'm going to feel foreverGood relationships don’t stay good without a deep and committed understanding of yourself and who you are and then an equally deep understanding of your partner.

So my question today is

Do you have a good relationship with you?

Unless you are totally sure of who you are, what makes you happy and how you want to live your life and you are content within yourself,  then the chances of living in a successful, stress-free, loving relationship are going to be reduced.

We all have different versions of ourselves that we show the world and those around us in different situations.

My guess is:
  • There’s the work you
  • There’s the parent you
  • There’s the sibling you
  • There’s the child you
  • …….. probably lots more.

So what happens if you bring the work version of you home to your partner.  Or you take the parent version to work.  Probably a certain level of confusion and even chaos for those around at the time.

At work perhaps, you may need to be the leader and the decision maker but bring this home and life may not be so good.  Your partner may love the fact that you made all the decisions when you first met but over time this can easily result in you becoming controlling and, dare I say it, bossy!

We become who we need to be in specific situations.  But all these different modes of behaviour (all these different you’s) form the core of the person you are.  Are you content and at ease with that core? And do you live in that core with the one person you should be able to do so with – your partner.

Or are you becoming what you think other people want you to be?

Do you like you all the time?

How is your relationship with you?

Unless you know who you really are and what you want and believe then how on earth is your partner going to know?  And if he/she doesn’t know then your relationship will suffer from a lot of misunderstanding.

So if you’re not sure then take time to find out.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong relationship.  That’s not the issue here.

If you don’t know where to begin then get in touch today, you may find you surprise yourself!