Divorce is more painful than most people realise – find out how to avoid it

January is notorious for people seeking divorce.

The arrival of a new year can concentrate the mind on the future.

If your relationship is suffering then it may be that all you can see in front of you is pain.

  • Pain that you won’t be understood – ever
  • That you’re not important to your partner
  • You are not loved in the way you need
  • More endless arguments that go nowhere
  • A future looks bleak – at best

Couples in relationship crisis do not have time on their side. Action is needed and it is needed right away.

Divorce may seem preferable right now.  After all you have probably told yourself you have done everything to save your relationship and there is no hope.  My answer to this is – You’ve done everything except the thing that worked.

So how do you avoid divorce

Find out what you are missing.  The methods that work. The way back from the brink.

I work with couples every week who are suffering and lost and have no idea how to solve their issues.  I work with them by giving them tools to help each other out of their particular crisis in ways which meet both their needs.

Many are amazed to discover that by using some simple tools they can rescue their marriage and turn it into a partnership that is closer and more passionate than it has ever been.

It takes commitment from both, an open mind and a desire to learn and understand each other at a deeper level.

Divorce is Painful

Divorce is hard financially – much more than most imagine.  In many cases it is emotionally destructive and draining.

All I suggest is that to avoid becoming one of the divorce statistics you give yourself a New Year’s Resolution to find out how strong connected relationships work and in particular how to make yours work.

As I said earlier in this post if your relationship is suffering time is not on your side.

Now might be the time to take action.