Crisis Help

If your marriage is in crisis help is needed fast as time is not on your side

Negative beliefs and emotions may have been building over several months or even years, or have been triggered by an event such as an affair, illness, bereavement or financial problems.

Now you may find you are

  • having repetitive arguments that get nowhere
  • emotionally shut-down – where you are ignoring each other
  • hating the relationship
  • not liking you any more….

It is important to discover the real truth – (which may not be what you currently believe)

I help couples:

  • reconnect with who they are
  • understand how their needs must be met in the context of their relationship
  • learn how men and women communicate differently
  • appreciate each other’s differences and strengths
  • discover their needs and values and how these play a vital part in building a strong relationship

Your sessions are designed around your own particular situation to enable both of you to explore and understand why you are where you are today. I then guide you through specific stages to enable you to rebuild your trust in each other and create a lasting, intimate connection.

You will learn how to help each other in times of conflict and so become a team working together.

With this comes security for your future, and with security that future looks much more favourable.

Even if, right now, all you want is to escape,  my recommendation is not to make any hasty long-term decisions – not until you’ve found out the truth of why you are where you are today.

I specialise in helping couples understand what’s happening in their relationship right now and why they are feeling the way they are, and, more importantly, how to get out of the place of misery they find themselves in.  Even if your partner does not want to come to any sessions,  this doesn’t stop you from doing so.  Even one of you taking action now will have an effect.

Discover, with me, what options you have.   You may well be missing a wonderful opportunity to re-build and grow your relationship, even though right now you don’t know how.

No matter how much pain you’re feeling, you will learn new long-term solutions to deal with your problems and challenges. Solutions that really work.

Each marriage is different, so your challenges are unique to you.  Learning how to meet them together will give your relationship growth.

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