Coaching benefitted many areas of his life

Over the past few months I have been working with a young man coaching him through various emotional issues. His relationships were not giving him what he needed and his reliance on them meant he couldn’t move forward and meet the goals he desired in several areas of his life.

His dedication to the process we worked through and his determination to achieve what was there for him to grasp has been impressive.

I have recently received this email from him:

During my time with Linden we worked on all areas of my relationships. Linden coached me through and provided me with tools that have gone beyond the personal while benefiting all my interactions.

With Linden’s help, I have strengthened bonds and become calmer and happier while dealing with some bad habits that had repeatedly caused me to end up in the same place in the past.

With Linden’s help, I’ve moved past all this and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I’m going to miss her counsel!

Coaching Benefits

When someone learns how to understand their emotions and use that knowledge to grow then changes can happen in many other areas of their life. This was the case with this man.  Through his sessions he worked on new ways of responding but also learnt how he needs to meet his core needs in life.

He is now in a place to develop his business and his career from a position of strength.  Using this new found knowledge he will attract, and be attracted to, the right partner for him.

If this has touched a chord for you and you would like to find out more than do get in contact.