One of the keys to a successful relationship

One of the keys to a successful relationship is to start with yourself. If you don't feel successful, or happy, being you then it's going to be hard to have a successful relationship with your partner. If you have created a version of yourself which you don't particularly like then the chances are greatly increased that your partner will find it difficult to make you happy and feel connected with you. Start with you So what do I mean by this.  Well so often a person can decide to become … [Read more...]

Men have needs too

In this day and age of equality it's become all too easy for women to decide we have to be good at everything. We don't need help - we can do it all ourselves. We can manage thank you very much!  We can open doors, carry our parcels, cope with a shopping trolley, 3 children (all screaming) and no we don't need help! Quite right we can but why would we want to? When a man offers to help, it's just that - he wants to help.  Why?  It makes him feel good, manly and of service. That what … [Read more...]

Relationship Tip: Praise not Appraise

For today's post I want you to consider the following Relationship Tip Do you know how to Praise rather than Appraise? Appraise I am certain we can all connect with a time when we have had to endure the annual Work Appraisal.   Never mind how well we have done, somehow those responsible for us manage to include something in the past year that, in their eyes, we could have done better.  So regardless of all the other good stuff, we leave the appraisal interview with the information that we … [Read more...]

How concerned are you about your Relationship?

Relationship Tip Today I want you to ask yourself the question: How concerned am I about my Relationship? To help you answer this question and give you some indicators I am giving you an important Relationship Tip Exercise You'll need a couple of sheets of paper On the first sheet write down all the things you focus your energy on during your day.  You should include anything, and everything, for instance:  The weather, the state of economy, your journey to work, the behaviour of your … [Read more...]

The spark has gone

Many couples, and individuals, who attend my sessions tell me the spark has gone from their relationship.  They also tell me there is no way it's ever going to come back. They still love each other but the passion is dead.  And because the passion is dead and, in their minds, gone for good then the only option is to separate or divorce. Very often the couple has practised a dynamic which has allowed this sad situation to be created.  If they have done this over a number of years then they … [Read more...]