How do you give love?

An interesting question! But a very important question which I would like you to think about today. Do you give love only with the expectation of getting something back? Do you give love only when you've already been given love? Do you give love without expectation of anything in return? Do you give your love unconditionally? The answer you get is important and will have a significant effect on your relationship. Why? Well, if an individual only gives love when they want … [Read more...]

It’s too late

One of my clients said this to me the other day. She and her husband had separated and had been living separate lives for a couple of years.  But increasingly over several months she had been wondering if they'd done the right thing. She felt sure her partner had now established a new life, but  because of the children they'd remained in constant contact and were still friends. She still felt hurt by what had happened but didn't feel they'd done all they could to have sorted out their … [Read more...]

Are arguments killing your passion for each other

We all argue!   In fact arguments are a sign we care, that we do feel passionate. But arguments can become destructive. Especially if you both 'fight' to be 'right'.  If you both have to be the winner or one of you concedes purely for an easy life then problems won't be far off, as now you're beginning to lose respect. Once you start to lose respect for your partner then you won't be attaching feelings of pleasure when you're with them.  Hurt, lack of trust, and pain are creeping … [Read more...]

Are you being understood?

Does the person you're talking to really understand what you're saying? The chances are they don't! Not exactly the way you meant it or felt.   Why?  Because their map of the world is different to yours.  So their interpretation of what you said (or that email you sent) could be completely different to the thoughts and sentiments you had when you said it! Add into the mix that men and women communicate differently and now everything gets doubly complicated!  Even the best, most … [Read more...]

Divorce rates are rising amongst the over 60s

A report in today's papers reveals that the over 60s are divorcing in record numbers. Many factors are causing this, amongst them are: Longer life expectancy Divorce is no longer a stigma Wish to have new adventures in retirement Financial security means that splitting won't be so financially devastating Yes all the above have their place.  However the actual losses can be underestimated in the rush to create a 'new life'. Loss of companionship Loss of finances - … [Read more...]