By changing their focus they changed their future

I have recently been coaching a young couple who had become bogged down in their issues.  They were lost and confused.  Over only three sessions they learnt by changing their focus they could dramatically change their understanding of each other and so change their future.

They learnt how men and women approach problems differently and that both these approaches are strengths.

They discovered what each of them needed and how those needs, needed to be met.

The frustrations they had for each other are disappearing and they now know how to help each other.  They have learnt how to become a team working together rather than against each other.

Changing your focus can feel scary

And that, in many ways, a good thing.  By feeling uncertain you are giving yourself growth.  I know it means you may have to challenge and question yourself.  I understand that this is the scary part.

However, in a safe, non-judgemental environment, this can be easier than you may have thought.

Couples who decide to go to coaching are frequently surprised at how easy it is to change their focus.  They discover how to get their relationship back on track.

Don’t let your fear keep you stuck.  Use it constructively to change your focus and so change your future.