Do you create lists – and if so what’s on them?

Most people create lists In a relationship the type of lists you create can have a good or bad effect on your partner. So what type of lists do you create  (either written down or in your mind) - you can have as many as you like. There are the many types of Lists.  For instance To Do Lists DIY Lists Chores Lists Failings Lists Success Lists Resentment Lists Love Lists The Lists that should just belong to you As long as the Chores / To Do Lists you created on … [Read more...]

If you are in a bad place ask yourself the following

Which emotion is running you? Today I want to give you some pointers which could well be affecting your relationship. You see when we feel we aren't getting what we want from our relationship, and by this, I mean a relationship which has been successful in the past, then our emotions can run riot and confuse us.  A feeling of loss and not knowing what to do can leave us feeling stuck or numb. Negative, unhelpful, emotions can take over and 'rule' your actions. Fear Fear: that the … [Read more...]

Which version of you shows up with your partner?

We all have different versions of ourselves that we use in different situations. Good relationships don't stay good without a deep and committed understanding of yourself and who you are, however by habitually using the wrong version of you for your partner you may not be getting the best from your relationhip. So my question is which version of you is showing up for your partner? Is it: The work you The parent you (Mum or Dad you) The child you (good or bad) The fun you … [Read more...]

Find out how to give yourself success

This week I'm again reposting a previous post as I see so many couples lost in confusion about how to solve their problems. So I'm repeating some useful tips: Be courageous Couples who succeed have learnt to be truthful and to give love no matter what.  During difficult and painful times they know how to be totally present for their partner. To be fully present you need to focus on them completely.  This means you don't resort to criticism and you don't reject them.  You seek to understand … [Read more...]

Before you tease – be sure your teasing is kind

Today I am revisiting the subject of teasing I'm sure most of you have been teased at some stage in your life and on the whole, people only tease those they are fond of. But teasing can get out of hand. It can also be unkind, belittling or even emasculating. None of us is in a position to be certain that what we find funny or amusing will be the same for someone else. Your gentle teasing of your partner could actually be having a hurtful effect on them. They may not say so - after all, … [Read more...]