Have you lost confidence in your own ability?

Loss of an individual's confidence can have a devastating effect on an intimate relationship. It is important to understand that men and women can, and frequently do, react and behave differently when 'struck down' with a lack of confidence. For many men, they can either feel frustrated and angry, to the point they close down and ‘walk away’ from the problems. Or they can become withdrawn or 'childlike' in their attempts to shut out their feelings. You see most men want to fix.  For … [Read more...]

Interpretation is key

How we interpret any message is key.  Key to how we respond and key to how we feel.  The issue here is what we interpret may not be true. For example, a person who has grown up in a family where raising your voice is the way to receive acknowledgement will, in all likelihood, create a method of communication where this is used.  If your partner understands this then they have more choices on how they respond.  If they don't and expect you to communicate in their style (the style they created … [Read more...]

The power of your state

In today's post, I want you to think about the emotional state you are in most of the time, within your relationship. So what do I mean by this? How you are with your partner will have a massive impact on how they behave with you and also on how you react to them. Negative State v Positive State We all have moments of feeling negative.  But watch out - the power of negativity on your mind and body is immense.  You can change what used to be amusing behaviours into irritation.  Those … [Read more...]

Learn how to tell your partner what you need

Time and again I hear from one or both people in a relationship crisis that they've done all the giving and their partner has only taken.  I am told they've tried everything and now they're fed up with being taken for granted.  They feel unappreciated, unloved and misunderstood.  The trust has gone and now the relationship is dying - fast. Arguments flare in a series of seemingly inconsequential, incidents.  You both become angry and defensive and confused by the emotional responses of the … [Read more...]

Men – a post for you today

Today I want to focus on the men with relationship problems.  However, it is important that women read this so they can understand where men are coming from. Men, you are, by and large, fixers and solvers.  This is where you feel successful and of use.  It is an important part of who you are. To enable you to fix or solve you will probably make any problem as small as you can - basically, so you can solve it!  Within your working environment or social activities, this works fine.  By the way, … [Read more...]