Are you self-sabotaging your efforts?

In today’s post, I am going to investigate this interesting question:  “Are you self-sabotaging your efforts?”

I am frequently told by my clients that they have “Tried everything to fix their problems”.

My response to this is:

  1. You have done everything except the thing which works
  2. Trying won’t get you very far

How you talk to yourself – and by that I mean the way you think problems through – will have a massive impact on how you behave and the actions you take.

Let’s take this a step further:  If you tell yourself you are going to try and do something your sub-conscious knows it has several options:

  • not to bother at all
  • get around to it sometime in the future
  • feel it’s going to be hard work so resist as long as possible
  • plus a few other disempowering options

If you tell yourself I am going to do it, your sub-conscious has now had an instruction and calls on your resources to take action.

I will give you an example:

I have had a task I set myself over the last few weeks.  It required me to get out my sewing machine, fabric and other materials as I had decided I would make face masks for my nearest and dearest!  The problem was I kept saying to myself I would try to do this.  The result is several weeks have gone by with no action by me at all.

I was baffled!  I knew I was perfectly capable of carrying out the task.  It just felt tedious and a chore.  I needed action.

I changed my language from I will try to I will.

The result was almost instantaneous.  I took action!  Masks have been made and the process has been fun and creative!

Are you self-sabotaging your efforts?

Let us look at the following ideas:

  • I will try to learn a foreign language, versus I am going to learn a foreign language
  • I will try to clean the house today versus I am going to clean the house today

Notice how you feel about each of the two options and which one inspires you more.

How we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on our focus and how we take action




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