Are you meeting each other’s needs

If your relationship is in crisis or not as passionate as you believe it should be then the chances are  you are not meeting each other’s needs.

Now,  you may think you are, but continuing doing what you have been doing is unlikely to improve things.

Most men need to feel they’re pleasing their partner.  Most women need to feel loved in the way that is right for them – protected and cherished is a good start.

Finding out what each other’s needs are and how each of you believes those needs should to be met is a great starting point.  One or both of you may have unrealistic beliefs which may be difficult to meet.  That’s OK – investigating why and how they came about is all part of the discovery and valuable for each of you on your journey in learning more about each other.  They are there for a reason.  Maybe the reason is no longer valid. If so then discovering what you can now do about a particular belief could be the starting point to improving your life together.

So if your relationship is suffering and not giving you all you believe it could then now is the time to do something about it.

Doing nothing is NOT going to make the problems disappear.  Relationships need to grow or they die.  Helping each other to grow together is the key.

Find out now how you need to meet your needs