Are You Creating A Great Future?

My Question to you this morning is “Are you creating a great future for you and your partner”?

Or alternatively are you actually muddling along and hoping that somewhere ‘down the line’ life will improve.

I talk a great deal here about focus.  The reason is focus is so important to how we live our lives.  Focus and how we focus is actually key.  Not only key to the type of future we give ourselves but key to how we get there.

Let me give you an example.  If someone is poor and doesn’t have enough money to go on holiday, if they just focus on the fact they don’t have enough money and accept the situation as it stands then nothing will change.  If however they say to themselves “But how can I create more money so I can have enough to go on holiday”, the situation is now different.  They have created an emotional shift in their focus and have pushed themselves into action to create money.

The same applies in relationships.  If one or both in a couple decides to focus on the fact that their relationship is not as good as it might be then it will continue to be poor.  All that will probably happen is that life will go from ‘not very good’ to ‘not at all good’ to ‘maybe we aren’t meant for each other and should part’ to ‘splitting up’.

Now I totally agree not all relationships can or should be saved, not all couples should be together. But and this is an important But – what would happen if one or both of them changed their focus, to “How can I make my relationship better” , “How can I make my partner happy”, “What am I not doing and what can I do better”.  Now the focus for that person has changed.  Their emotional focus has shifted into positive action. It has also shifted from “what am I not getting” to “What can I do for my partner”.  A shift away from themselves and a focus to giving and contribution.

Many people don’t know how to achieve this. They don’t know what to do.  Many at this point give up, after all they’ve just created another problem for themselves. They can tell themselves they’ve ‘tried everything’ and nothing has worked.  But all I say now is the most successful entrepreneurs don’t give up on their quest to succeed. They treat failure as an instrument pushing them towards success.  They build failure into their plan for success as part of the learning path to succeed.  They treat failure as Growth. Which of course it is.

The same applies in good relationships.

Maybe now is the time to reignite your marriage.  And if you want to learn more on how to do it then please contact me.

A fulfilling future is there for you if you decide to take action and focus on the desire to succeed.