Are you being misunderstood?

How we interpret someone else’s words or actions is down to each and everyone of us.  The problem is that it is very easy to be misunderstood without realising it’s happening.

In today’s post I want you to think about how you interpret your partner’s words and actions.  You see it is very important that you truly understand what they mean rather than create your own interpretation.  You need to interpret what they mean rather than what you think they mean.

There can be a world of difference between the two

Add to this the fact that men and women communicate differently and the chances of being misunderstood can be even greater.  It is important that you understand each other’s communication styles.  It is vital that you appreciate your partner’s best intentions.

We can all get caught up in the moment and find we are being misunderstood.  However, if this becomes an all too frequent issue perhaps it’s time to ask yourself why are my best intentions being misinterpreted?  What can I do differently?  What words can I use to avoid being misunderstood?    How can I approach my need to be understood in a different way which will help my partner hear me?

The Misunderstood Nightmare?

It feels very frustrating when your best efforts fall on ‘stony ground’ and you feel lost, helpless and – yes – misunderstood.

Understanding that we are making mistakes is one thing.  Finding ways of doing things differently can be daunting on your own.

If you find this is happening to you and you’d like to find ways of having more choice in the ways you communicate then do get in touch.