Are you being Emotionally Intelligent?

There are many factors that cause couples to end up losing the deep connection they had when they first committed to each other.  However there is one important factor which applies to us all:

Emotional Intelligence

So what do I mean by Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the driver which will take you from the issues you have today to where you want to be.

Your mind pushes you into your current emotional state.  This could be a great place to be. Equally it could be painful. Full of anger, hurt, frustration.

Do you trust yourself?  You see:

  • Your emotional state will have a significant effect on the life you lead.
  • Your emotional state will have a significant effect on the meaning you create about events in your life – good and bad
  • Your emotional state will create your truth (be that true or not)
  • Your emotional state may not be giving you the life you desire
  • Your emotional state will give you the meanings you have given your life.

Are you prepared to question your emotional state and so become Emotionally Intelligent?

Much of the work I do with couples and individuals revolves around this key state.

People come to me who are feeling:

  • angry
  • frustrated
  • feeling misunderstood
  • apathetic about their relationship
  • lost
  • hurt………..  and so much more

They are mostly scared.  Many have lost touch with who they are and don’t know how to move forwards.

I work with them so they can learn how to become

Emotionally Intelligent

If you would like to find out more and free yourself from some of your dis-empowering beliefs and behaviours, then please get in contact.

Freedom and a new life is only just around the corner