An affair does not have to signal the end

When someone has an affair the result can be devastating for the other partner.  This couple were in turmoil.  The emotions were raw and their future together looked bleak at best.

This is how they now view their relationship and future after working with me over several months.  Their journey to where they are now was tough at times but they worked through their pain and confusion and now have a golden future ahead of them.  They now understand what happened and why.  They are armed with the tools to resolve whatever life throws at them in the future.

An affair does not have to signal the end

I have recently received the following email from them:

My world was shattered after I discovered my husband was having an affair. I felt in so much pain and didn’t know where to turn. A friend recommended that I contact you. I did and both my husband and I visited you and started our journey to repair our marriage, something I hadn’t thought was possible.

With your help and guidance over the last 7 months we have rekindled our relationship and made it even stronger and more loving then it was before. Your insight and practical techniques not only have saved our marriage, but made our relationship stronger then ever. Ensuring we’ll never lose sight of our love for each other again.

You have empowered us to move forward and now have a golden future together. We use the tools you have given us everyday in some shape or form and we are deeply grateful for the intervention you provided that led us to this path of happiness.

A heartfelt thank you