A new relationship 20 years in

I recently worked with this couple over a period of a few months.  Their open-minded desire to reach the truth has given them a future neither thought possible.

These following words have been written by Nic:

Nic and Louise – a new relationship 20 years in

After 20 years together, running a series of house moves and other “projects” to avoid dealing with fundamental issues in our relationship, I felt we had reached the end.  We were constantly miserable and angry.  I introduced increasing physical and emotional distance, and found the coil of tension was easier to sustain.  The next step appeared to be for us to separate for our benefit and for the children.

We had tried counselling.  Focused heavily on the past, this helped to cement the causes.  But did nothing to bring us together.

As a final measure before I moved out, my wife booked a session with Linden.  I agreed.  Linden is a life coach and I felt we would both individually benefit from a session at this difficult time, helping us to move forward apart.

For differing reasons, the first session was extremely challenging for us both.  However I was interested in what I learned, about myself and about how people worked.  I booked a second session – requesting it focused more on us as individuals than as a couple.  And then I booked a third.

Between the third and forth session I gained understanding.  And from that grew connection.  My about face was unexpected, fast and accelerated.

We have a new relationship 20 years in.  Far better and more fulfilling than we have ever experienced before.  Our new loving connection has been building since that day.

We still arrange sessions with Linden every couple of months.  Devoting time to our relationship is so valuable – something we should have always done.  And Linden’s coaching also helps us to address the challenges we face in our work and relationships with others.

I would thoroughly recommend a course of sessions with Linden – whether in crises, or simply looking to invest in your relationship together.  She will challenge, and you need to open yourself to the process to gain most value.  However the insight gained will help make an informed decision on how best to move forward.

If you, like Nic and Louise, would like to find out more and gain deeper understanding of how your relationship could work then please contact me.

A new relationship with your partner could be just around the corner