A few months of Discovery

I have recently been working with a couple who had lost their way and couldn’t see a future together. They worked hard through their issues and never gave up on each other.  Their tenacity paid off as each discovered they had failed to understand each other in the past and the impact those failures had had on their marriage.

The husband kindly sent this to me recently:

Their few months of Discovery

We both wish to thank you for all the help you have given us.  When we first came to see you we were unable to talk to each other about anything and constantly arguing (about virtually everything) and shouting.  Things were very bad and for me, personally, couldn’t see any future for us both together, which is why my wife decided the only way forward was to seek professional advice.

You guided us through; understanding the differences between how men and women think; through what is important to us; through how our language and what we do had a great impact on how we were perceived; through basic drivers and how each of these in themselves can work for or against one.

You patiently listened to us, but at other times strongly challenged us but with the objective of getting us to see that there were different ways of interpreting the same situation, some of which had been destructive.  With your help and guidance we slowly, but surely, started to respond to each other differently, to do and say things differently and to repair the damage we had done to our relationship over a number of years. Also, your sense of humour throughout was a huge bonus and made sessions enjoyable.

We still have issues we need to sort out (within ourselves and between us), but we feel that we are now working together to address these and we’re confident that we will remain together and have a lot more great life adventures as we have done in the past.  We certainly would not be looking forward to our future together if it had not been for your help.  And we mean ‘your’ help, not just the help of any relationship councillor.  We had to trust you completely, with our thoughts and emotions, and trust your advice and challenges.  It was a hard and, at times, uncomfortable journey but you guided and supported us all along the way, and we both are very grateful for what have done for us.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to help this delightful couple and to know they have mastered the tools to give themselves the future they want.

If you would like to find out more on how you too can achieve this then please get in contact.