A Break up doesn’t have to mean you breakdown

It’s natural to feel a range of emotions when a marriage or significant relationship comes to an end. Especially if that end was sudden.

You may find yourself experiencing a whole range of emotions  – as I’ve described before in earlier posts.

It is important to look after yourself at times like this.

Even if it’s hard make sure you’re eating enough.  Small amounts can often be easier than a full 3 course meal.  So snack through the day if you find meals difficult.

Get some exercise.  Just going for a walk round the block is good for you.  Or 5 minutes on the exercise bike!  Exercise releases good chemicals into your body.

Sleep.  Yes I know this can be easier said than done.  Don’t worry.  Relax in bed and close your eyes.  There are some good relaxation audio downloads available these days and giving your body a chance to relax and your mind the chance to wander are all good.

A site I find particularly useful is Hypnosis Downloads.  Their audio downloads are relaxing, calming and safe.  You can listen to them in your own time and over and over again.

Treat yourself to a spa day or a day doing something different.  Preferably something your partner never wanted to do.

Losing sight of you is natural and understandable.

Regaining your confidence in you and looking after yourself may seem difficult.  But you do have a future and one that will be great all over again.  Building that future starts with one small action, and each action takes you closer to your goal.

Caring for you means you’ll be ready to take the next steps.