Mentor to Marriage and Relationship Coaches

The Coaches’ Coach

I have recently retired as a specialist Marriage and Relationship Coach, however, I am now offering

Mentoring and support to help those coaches new to the business, or in need of more training.

I am happy to share the knowledge, expertise, and strategies I developed over my years as a coach with current coaches

For this reason, my website will remain active and any coach wanting advice or support is free to contact me via email.


During my time as a Coach I offered a new and different approach to traditional marriage counselling

How I worked:

Once you have explained your issues to me and why you have contacted me, I will spend as little time as possible going over past events.

The present and the future are more important. Creating a future which works for both of you is vital. I won’t spend time listening to you bicker or argue.

Couples who work with me learn how to recover their relationship.

I see couples from all professions and walks-of-life, including CEOs, doctors, lawyers, pilots, and businessmen and women.  Working with me these individuals have discovered how to reignite their relationships.

You will:Marriage and Relationship Coach

  • Learn how and why men and women communicate differently
  • Learn to understand each other’s needs and how they need to be met
  • Discover how to become you again

From this you will also learn how to:

  • Deal with conflict and learn how to help each other
  • Communicate so you are understood
  • Appreciate each other’s differences and how to understand them as strengths
  • Become successful with each other
  • Reconnect and rekindle passion
  • Plan a compelling future together……………. And so rebuild trust

Couples who work with me discover if their relationship can and should be saved. Ten to twelve sessions is usually all it takes – sometimes less, occasionally one or two more.  If you only need a couple of sessions then that’s all I will want you to attend.   

My aim is to give you solutions which solve your issues NOW and provide you with the skills to give you a secure, successful and lasting future.

Marriage and Relationship Coaching can really make a difference

Discover how to rebuild a successful and passionate connection with your partner – regardless of what has happened in the past.

If your marriage or relationship is suffering or is on the brink of collapse or divorce,  now is the time to invest approximately three months in your future and get the practical skills and tools on how to recover from your particular crisis, in a way that meets both your needs.

I work with you to get you to the emotional place you both want to be so you can have the future you both desire, where you can succeed together.  Your task is to commit to the process and practice the steps I give you.

We all want happiness and a close, shared connection with a partner but so many people don’t know how to achieve this. They give up without learning the simple steps to get what they want for themselves and their relationship.  Don’t let that be you.

If you want to succeed in this most important aspect of your life then one way is to learn how.  Take action now.  Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

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Comments from couples who have benefited:

“Linden helped us save our marriage and make our relationship the best it’s ever been.”

“A new relationship 20 years in”

Their comments in full can be found on the Testimonials page.

Please note that these outcomes won’t necessarily be the same for you.  All couples and situations are unique.  What is important is you give yourselves all the chances possible to meet the outcome that is right for you.