Who is most important in your relationship?

Understanding who is most important in your relationship is key to a successful one.  I know this seems obvious but believe me so many couples lose sight of this.

When you both met you were each focused on making each other happy.  You listened, you learnt and you acted in their best interests to the best of your ability.

Over time other things can easily take up your time and your focus can shift.  Day-by-day you focus on other areas of your life as you believe your relationship is safe and doesn’t need much tending.

Your work or your hobbies can take over. Children can easily shift your focus away from your partner.  Your partner can then feel less important.  Believing you are less important than the children, the house – even the dog (!) will cause resentment over time.

So Who is most important in your relationship?

And have you told them lately.  Not just in passing but really spent time ensuring they truly know how special they are to you.

Are you both creating a team together where you both listen and learn about each other. You both understand each other’s world.  You both know how to help each other through life’s ups and downs.  You both have a plan for your life together.

Do you know how to do this?

Knowing how to communicate with your partner in the way they will feel heard and understood is vital.  Their way of communicating will be different to yours.  Have you ever spent time to find out what and how to meet their needs.

So many couples I see in my sessions haven’t learnt this and so fail.  Having failed they believe they are incompatible when the reality is they just didn’t know the how.

By discovering the how then the true desires of both can appear.  From here new growth for the relationship can start.

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