When did you last flirt with your partner?

Yes I do mean it.  When did you last flirt with your partner?

You see when we meet someone we are attracted to we go out and out to encourage them.  This will include flirting!

Couples in crisis have often not only forgotten what attracted them to their partner in the first place but, in many cases, have forgotten how to attract each other.

Life gets in the way.  Jobs, children, chores……  the list is a long one.  In the midst of this are two people who are valiantly working at keeping the ship afloat and are often exhausted.

They have lost who they are and why they are in the relationship.  Somewhere deep down they love each other but haven’t spent the time to find out how to meet each other’s emotional primal human needs and so are confused and emotionally shut down.  This could apply to both of you or just one.

Discover how to attract each other and so flirt successfully

Men and women have different needs in life and, in particular, in a relationship.  Understanding what these are and how they need to be met will help you connect with each other.  This will help you flirt successfully and lovingly.  A loving, understanding connection is what you are both seeking.  One where you understand each other at a deeper level.  To get to this place takes a bit of work and a new way of looking at your issues.  With this new-found knowledge comes a strength you may not have experienced before.

Couples who attend my sessions, many of whom are on the brink of divorce, learn how to do this.  This gives them a new truth about their relationship and ways of working which bring them closer together in times of conflict.  They are then in possession of the facts and can create a new future for themselves.  One which is right for them.

Take Courage – Take Action

Today might be a good day to find out how to save your relationship.  If this is you then please contact me.