We all want an extraordinary relationship

When couples come to see me they have lost the ability to create an extraordinary relationship.  The one they had when they first met. They have lost  that amazing connection?

Long-lasting, loving and passionate relationships don’t just happen.  They need a determination to work together to keep the love and passion alive.  The commitment has to be total even when there are problems.  A commitment to work through the issues together and to grow to help each other through.

If you want your relationship to be all you want it to be then your job is to use all you have to light up your partner and so turn then into your number one fan.

Here are some tips:

Keep the love alive

  • Always put your partner first
  • Be honest and truthful with no defence or justification.  The person you need to start with is yourself.  If you have made a mistake and you are honest and truthful with you then you can express your regret in a more heartfelt way.
  • Never make your partner wrong
  • Love no matter what
  • Use times of conflict as an opportunity to grow emotionally
  • If you expect a certain behaviour from your partner then make it your goal to ensure you also behave to that standard.
  • Never blame. Love is not about blaming the other
  • Love is not about scoring points


Most couples in crisis have lost the ability to communicate in the way the other understands.  Men and women have different needs, communicate in different ways and so end up failing to understand each other.  This causes resentments on both sides which then turn into conflict.

They then decide they are not compatible and some go their separate ways without knowing the truth.  They miss the chance to return to keeping the love alive.

Don’t let that be you.  Get help now.  Leaving it and hoping the problems will mysteriously go away won’t solve your particular crisis.

We all want an extraordinary relationship

It’s what connects our hearts.

Find out how now to achieve this.