How do you talk to yourself?

Today I want you to think about how you talk to yourself.

So often we can talk to ourselves much more harshly than we would speak to any friend, acquaintance, colleague or partner.  We can be over critical of our behaviour, our lack of focus, our ability to procrastinate………

This can be OK and, in moderation, a good thing, especially if this is your method of kick-starting yourself.  But are you being kind to yourself too?   So often the way we speak to ourselves can create a limiting belief that we are a failure, unlovable, not worthy………..

Now ask yourself if a good friend of yours suddenly said to you “I’m unlovable and a failure”  what would you say in return?  How would you respond?   I can’t imagine for a moment that you would sit there and agree!  You’d probably come up with examples and suggestions to disprove the statement and encourage them.

So when talking to yourself don’t beat yourself up with a list of your failings.  Become your own best friend.

Everyone has moments of self-doubt and uncertainty but accepting those moments and then being kind to yourself and putting yourself in the position of your best friend will help you find pathways which are empowering rather than dis-empowering.  Your best friend is there to encourage and help.  He/she is within you so use him/her to help you get what you want.

If you find this difficult to do then one way of finding your inner best friend is to move to another part of the room or sit in a different chair and then take on the position of your best friend from there and look over to where you were and talk to yourself over there!  I know it sounds crazy but it can be difficult to start with and putting a bit of space between the you that is being critical and the part of you who is now your best friend will help you.  Trust me I know.

So have fun and practice loads.