Take Action before it’s too late

Many couples leave taking action until it’s too late. By that I mean those who leave the decision to the last moment when life has become almost intolerable and communication has all but collapsed.  They have explored most other avenues and the pain of where they are is so great that help becomes the final and last ditch solution.

The fact that you’re reading this means that part of you is already seeking a solution to your current issues.

I’m not here to push you to the next step, more to invite!

I think so many people believe that asking for help means something like::

  • A sign of failure within themselves – they should be able to fix their problems
  • A belief that probably it won’t work and so is pointless
  • That how they feel now can’t be changed so help will be a waste of money
  • That the process will be very painful and more pain is the last thing they want
  • They will be criticised or judged

Well all I can say is that how you approach help will have a significant effect on the outcome.  I’m sure as a child learning and finding out new things was an adventure.  An adventure full of possibilities, learning and excitement.  Yes there were challenges but the fun of overcoming and meeting those challenges was rewarding.  The sense of achievement immense.  How do children do this?  Children are curious.  They have to be.  The world is new to them.  My suggestion to you is become curious.


Judging someone gets nowhere.  None of us are in a position to judge another.  OK I know, at times most of us do it, but judgement of another human being is not something any of us can legitimately do – after all the only person who has lived your life is you and so you are the only one who is in the position to judge you.

Take Action – Take The Next Step

I’d like to invite you on a journey!  A journey of discovery.  Discover how to understand your partner and how they tick.  Why men and women are different and how, by understanding and appreciating those differences, a whole new adventure in the business of life can open up in front of you.

My invitation to you is always here for one or both of you.  It’s here whether you’re single or married.  It’s not as scary as you may imagine.   You may be amazed at what you learn.

So when should you ask for help?  Well Now might be the time!

Take Action Before it’s Too Late