Build a better story

Many couples I see in my sessions have created stories for themselves about each other which frequently are not true.  One, or both of them have decided what the other's motives are.  What they are thinking. What they are feeling. So how do you know if your story is true?  Unless you are living in the other person's head you can't. Your partner may not know either.  They know they are in pain. They want to make you aware of their pain.  They probably also want the pain to go … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Challenged Your Story?

We all tell ourselves stories: Life is the way it is I am the way I am Life is a battle I am not intelligent I can't achieve more than I already have I'm unlovable I'll never succeed etc. We tell ourselves stories to keep ourselves safe. We believe the story we tell ourselves. We then find evidence to back up our belief and so accept any bad situation as our normality. We create our own limiting beliefs. So my question to you today is Have you ever challenged your story?  … [Read more...]